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Outsourcing Call-center services

We have a PBX that can be adapted to your needs. Your company can port numbers to us or we can provide a phone number of us that will be used by customers of your company in relation to the company.

Examples of activities we are currently performing on the Call-center inbound side:
  • Helpdesk Support ((telephone line for technical situations faced by customers);
  • Helpline Support (telephone line for support in the use of applications and services);
  • Answering complaints/claims and resolve them in a timely manner;
  • Infoline („green” telephone lines with the prefix 0800 that can be called free of charge by customers).
Examples of activities we are currently doing on the Outbound Call-center side (making phone calls):
  • Public and private opinion polling campaigns and market research;
  • Mass information campaigns in certain fields of activity/on certain topics;
  • Debt recovery solutions that customers have to companies;
  • Updating the personal data of customers in a database.

Why outsource the Call-center activity to S.C. iPI Solutions S.R.L.?

1. Lower costs for your company

Outsourcing projects give you the opportunity to significantly reduce the costs you should incur with the hiring process (human resources, recruitment campaigns, work equipment for employees, fees for employment contracts, etc.) by outsourcing Call-center services to our company.
2. Save precious time

The tools we have allow us to streamline our business over time, and more than that, it gives your company more time. By collaborating with our company and outsourcing Call-center services to us, you will be able to take care of other needs of the company, thus reducing the little time you have available.
3. Experience from the outside

You can learn through the services we offer, and we can easily adapt to the requirements of the company you own. Having a subjective eye focused on your business, it will be easy for us to come up with proposals for the development of the company you own, in a wide area.
4. Needs-focused strategy

Your current team may be too small to lead multiple projects at once. By outsourcing the Call-center service to our company, you can solve several tasks and develop and support several projects at the same time. While your employees will focus on their day-to-day activities, we will support them in their success.
5. Flexibility to changes

It is inefficient to hire for short-term projects. In addition, you should take into account the periods between projects, which can generate additional costs for you. By collaborating with us, we can ensure the implementation of projects, the break between them and the resumption of activity at any time. It is also worth mentioning that we easily adapt to any change in your work procedures or business strategy.
6. Advanced Call-center technology

We have a high-performance telephone exchange with the help of which we can provide you with inbound campaigns (taking over incoming calls from customers) but also outbound (massive customer calling). Our technology allows us to adapt to the Call-center services you want, by implementing an IVR, the transfer system between operators or between phone numbers, forwarding, messages outside working hours and many other functions.
7. Privacy respected

The data of the company you own and of your customers will be protected by the GDPR policy of our company. To consult our company's Privacy Policy, please ask our colleagues for an Annex to the Service Contract.

We are the right choice for outsourcing Call-center services if:
  1. You want to offer to the customers of the company you own, the opportunity to contact you by phone;
  2. You can't answer phone calls because you don't have time available;
  3. You want to focus on growing your business, and the current Call-center consumes you resources;
  4. You do not specialize in the field of outsourcing and Call-center/customer complaints;
  5. You don't want to lose money on recruitment campaigns and hiring formalities;
  6. The project implementation period is short and you do not have the opportunity to hire staff in a timely manner;
  7. You do not have enough labor resources or the possibility of purchasing work equipment;
  8. You want to create a positive image for your company and you don't want to use negation in your business;
  9. any other reason.
You can contact us at any time to discuss your company's needs!

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