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We are specialists in call answering and calling customers / Inbound and outbound services

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Call-center services

We offer a wide range of services for companies, among which we can list:

  • Outbound campaigns (call customer lists);
  • Customer suport, contact center inbound;
  • IT Support Windows, troubleshooting;
  • Data entry, data update;
  • Order checking and recording, KYC processing;
  • Chat, email, Whatsapp and Facebook replies.

We offer outsourcing services (BPO). This means that if you have a company and want to outsource certain activities (answering phone calls or everything related to the call center, validation and data entry), we are the ideal company to help you!

The registered office of S.C. iPI Solutions S.R.L. it is hosted in the heart of the country, thus giving us a clear and equal visibility in any direction we look. Our services are offered at the same level of performance and quality, for each of our customers.

We enjoy collaborating with customers who want to constantly evolve. In this sense, we use all the tools we have to actively and passively participate in increasing the turnover of your company.

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Contracte IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

Contract statistics

Brief analysis of the feedback obtained from collaboration agreements

Project takeover availability 100%
Satisfied customers (% of total contracts) 100%
Suspended contracts (temporary projects) 3%
Collaboration requests (% of total e-mails received)78%

Outsourcing services

We balance quantity with quality, so we can adapt to any type of project, from taking calls for your customers to creating and managing websites and web ads.


We take phone calls from your customers or we call them, depending on your needs.



We respond to e-mails on behalf of your company, keep track of your business, and create a database for your business.



We manage and store your company's data in an electronic archive, accessible online or offline.



We can create software applications (CRM, CMS and others) to increase the quality of your services.


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If you plan to outsource the call-center service, data entry, archiving or software, the IPI SOLUTIONS ROMANIA team is at your disposal. Please contact us using the contact form or email addresses available.


The organizational structure is evenly distributed in the company, each of our employees having tasks specific to the position they work on.

Departamentul Office IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

Office Department

It is the department that deals with the official requests regarding the communications with the official authorities of the Romanian state.

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Departamentul IT IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

IT Department

It is the department that deals with the implementation of technical solutions, such as IP setting, cyber security, programming.

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Departamentul Comercial IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

Commercial Department

It is the department that deals with the creation of commercial offers for our future and current clients.

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Departamentul Marketing IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

Marketing Department

It is the department that creates the image for the ideal company. Takes over advertising requests and provides at least one answer for each question.

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Departamentul Cercetare IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

Research Department

It is the department that deals with research in all fields. This research ensures a continuous development and allows us to keep up with all the news in the market.

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Departamentul Operațional IPI SOLUTIONS | Outsourcing România

Operational Department

It is the department that deals with solving daily tasks and is in the first line in contact with customers. This department is in the Front Office and deals directly with the satisfaction of the company's customers.

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To get an idea of the services we can offer you and to discuss in detail what we can do for your company, please contact us using the form below.


Înfrățirii 6th Street
Brașov, România


+40 371 783 545

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